Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid 19

Oak Haven Hotel COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures

Ten Point action plan we have implemented

  1. Covid-19 induction training delivered to all team members.
  2. Maintain our physical distance.
  3. Social distancing policy in place.
  4. Cleaning carried out with Hospital grade products.
  5. PPE in use by different team members.
  6. No contact room service delivery is in place.
  7. No contact room service delivery is in place.
  8. Revised menus and ordering for Room Service and Safe Dining
  9. Hand sanitizer stations available throughout the Hotel and in your bedroom
  10. Updated cleaning & sanitization programme in place in front of House and back of House areas
  11. Rooms serviced on departure only to minimize contact during your stay Ten points for guests to remember.
  12. Wash hands & use hand sanitizer frequently.
  13. Maintain your physical distance.
  14. Limit group size to 4 people.
  15. Stay within your own family/household group.
  16. Maintain lift etiquette rules.
  17. Stay at home if you display symptoms.
  18. Clean & sanitize your phone, laptop and keys regularly.
  19. Maintain cough / sneeze etiquette.
  20. Do not smoke or vape near others.
  21. Avoid cash payments.

Hotel public spaces, including Bars & Restaurants we would ask guests to Keep your distance & Minimise unnecessary contact with other guests

  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters between you and other guests outside of your immediate group / household.
  • Do not share tables with other guests that are not part of your traveling Group or Household
  • A Maximum of 4 persons per table is permitted in hotel bar & restaurant
  • Families traveling with children, designated Family Tables have been assigned in the hotel restaurant. • Please pre-book your time for dining in the hotel bar or restaurant. Including Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Please maintain physical distancing Its nothing personal, but we ask you to keep a 2m distance.
  • 2 meter distance signage has been installed through out the hotel
  • Plexiglas screens have been installed on reception desk
  • Avoid using lifts where possible. If you do need to use hotel lifts please observe the hotel’s lift etiquette and only use lifts with members of your own household.
  • We have limited the capacity by removing tables and chairs in lobby, bar and hotel restaurant to allow for at least 2 meters between tables and avoid over crowding
  • A maximum number of 4 people per table will be permitted
  • Avoid the use of public toilets where possible
  • Table service only will be offered in the hotel bar & restaurant
  • Guests are asked to remain seated for the duration of their meal
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas / A no smoking perimeter of 10 meters is in place outside of the hotel entrance. Use of Personal protection equipment (PPE) We don’t want to hide our faces but we do need to project you and ourselves from any potential cross contamination or spread of the coronavirus. • Housekeeping teams are equipped and trained to use PPE
  • Front of house team will wear appropriate PPE
  • Plexiglas screens have been installed at check in desks
  • Hand sanitization stations at entry to hotel reception and throughout the hotel public areas
  • Hand sanitization wipes in guest bedrooms
  • Ecolab (hospital grade) sanitization products are in use throughout the hotel.
  • All guests are asked to wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently
  • A dedicated team cleaning has been appointed to clean and sanitize public areas and high traffic areas every 45 mins.
  • Advanced cleaning programmes and additional cleaning is in place in our Back of House Areas.
  • Ecolab products are in use to clean and sanitize all touch points, door handles, worktops, lift buttons and counter tops.
  • A rigorous hand hygiene programme is in place and must be followed by all staff members
  • Hand sanitization points have been installed at entry to and throughout the hotel lobby & reception area.
  • Disposable paper towels are now in use in public toilets Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization in Hotel Lobby and Public areas. Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization Programme in Guest Bedrooms.
  • Ecolab (hospital grade) Sanitization products have been used to clean
  • Telephone
  • TV Remote control
  • Light and Air Conditioning switches
  • Work tops and surfaces
  • Door handles and door lock
  • Taps, Shower unit and toilet flushers • Cups and glasses have been replaced with paper or plastic glasses • Soft furnishings including throws & cushions have been removed • Housekeeping staff are wearing PPE • All additional print information has been removed • All bed linen has been washed at >65 degrees • To avoid unnecessary contact in your room by our team members, your room will be serviced on departure only (rooms can of course be serviced on request ) • Additional items may be requested and will be placed in your room when you are away from the room Hotel Meetings & Events The safety of delegates attending meetings & events is paramount in our effort to mitigate risk. Delegates can be rest assured that we operate to the highest national and international standards in providing a safe environment to conduct business. • Conference and Meeting Room capacities have been re-calculated downwards to accommodate physical distancing that is in line with the current Irish Government guidelines on social distancing in indoor spaces. • One stop delegate registration with plexi-glass screens and minimal interaction. • Hand sanitization stations at entry to hotel reception and throughout the hotel public areas • Hand sanitizer available in meeting rooms • Ecolab (hospital grade) sanitization products are in use throughout meeting & event areas • Social distancing reminder / prompt signage has been installed throughout our Meeting and Event spaces. • A dedicated cleaning team has been appointed to clean and sanitize meeting areas every 45 minutes • Food & Beverage menus and service delivery procedures have been updated to allow for physical distancing and mitigate risks of cross contamination. Some of the measures introduced include Compostable Paper Cups, individually packaged snack items, Bento Box style dining options for lunch. • Option of packaged food delivery to meeting rooms. • We offer advice on best meeting & events practice to minimize delegate bottle necks backed up by onsite support on the day of the event from our trained team members. Prior to travelling… self-check list for the safety of our staff and other hotel guests we would ask you not to travel if you have any of the following symptoms or if you fall into any of the high risk categories. Self-check list… When to avoid un-necessary journeys • If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the last 14 days • If you have a temperature of 38°C or higher and suffer with any of the following symptoms • ongoing coughing • difficulty breathing • ongoing diarrhoea • ongoing vomiting • skin rash • bruising or bleeding without injury • looking obviously unwell • confusion. • if you have been overseas in the last 14 days (you must self-isolate for the next 14 days).